Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Maharajah Jungle Trek

Today I made this layout using the awesome paper Animal Prints Paper pack from Oriental Trading
crafts. If you never made rosette flowers I will explain below on how to make them. They are easier than you might think.

The first thing you do in making rosettes is cut your strips of paper which will determine how large your rosettes are. The three sizes I used were
12'' x 1 1/2'' for large
9'' x 1'' for medium
9'' x 3/4'' for small
You will then need to score every quarter inch along the entire length of the paper.
Fold the paper accordion style getting crisp edges.
Glue the ends together, you might have to cut off on pleat because I like to have the seam facing down.

Cut a cardstock circle about 3 inches is good for the large rosette and cover the circle with glue. Then comes the tricky part.You have to press the flower down to form it. Once you have that done put it on the glued circle.
When dry top it off with some kind of embellishment. I used this fabulous Large Animal Print Snap Beads - 17mm from Oriental Trading. When looking for scrapbook supplies just don't look in the scrapbook section at Oriental Trading, I found these by doing a search for animal prints, so much fun to see what you can find!
And here are the finished rosettes!

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*Disclaimer: Oriental Trading sent me products in exchange for a blog post; however, all opinions in this post are mine.


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